Retail – Structual Work & Full Shop Fit Out, Skipton

This project included the fit out of a ground floor area within two shop units in Skipton.  Enlarging an existing opening between the units and the fit out of a new ground floor retail space, creation of new tea point, back office and stock/sort area and all associated works to mechanical, electrical and life safety services.

The existing dividing wall between the two units was partially removed to create an increased open plan appearance.  To enable the removal of the masonry wall, a structural engineer was engaged to design the necessary supports.  The existing opening was enlarged from 1.5m wide to 5.5m wide overall x 2.45m high. To enable the support in the temporary situation of the first floor above with a loading of 60kn/m, 152 x 152 x 30 needles where installed above the opening. The existing wall foundation was excavated below floor level to a depth of 450mm to enable the installation of dual steel 152 x 152 x 30 ground beams. Dual columns of the same section were bolted to the ground beams at each end and this arrangement was temporarily propped with the top of the columns accurately spaced with timber bolted to them. Following placement of a concrete surround to the steel ground beams which restored the floor to a finished level, dual 254 x 146 x 37 UB’s 4m long were raised by genie lift and placed on top of and bolted to the columns.  The works were completed with the masonry reconstructed to the ends up to the columns and packed with masonry and slate packing across the top of the beams. The needles were removed and the temporary holes reinstated.

Once structural works were complete C. S. Construction made good all walls and suitably prepared them for re-decoration.  Within the office and sort/stock area there were areas of damp present C. S. Construction ensured this was rectified.

The existing shop front was in a poor state of repair and significant changes of timber members had to be undertaken to restore the integrity.
The existing ceiling grid was modified to suit the removal of the stud partition in the sales area and ceiling tiles were replaced as necessary.
The sales/staff/stock/sort areas received a full shop fit out in accordance with the client’s standard details.

Carpet and vinyl floor finishes were applied as required.

This project was one which included extensive structural repairs and as a consequence of working additional hours C. S. Construction were able to complete the alterations together with the full shop fit out within the standard schedule of time set by the client.