Commercial & Industrial – Eden Mansions

Site set up

Excavate for ground floor slab and foundations







Eden Mansions works to foundations

Continued excavation of foundations

eden_mansion_stage2a-copy   Eden groundworks


Internal works begin

Removal of the roof and ground floor ceiling







A cleared structure

Internal walls demolished. Padstones and steel beams installed.

eden_mansion_stage3a-copyInstallation of steel beams

First Floor extension

Scaffold is extended and blockwork to first floor extension commences.

Eden construction of blockwork to first floor level   Eden 4 1

Construction of the roof to the Ground Floor extension

The flat roof is boarded and prepared to receive Firestone Rubber Roofing system.

Eden roofing works   Eden internall view of roof  Eden installation rubber roofing system


The Glazed lantern is installed.

Eden Lantern roof 1

Glazing is installed to the corridor area linking the old and new together.

Lantern roof 2

Completion of building works

The blockwork is completed with render and rainwater goods are fitted.

Eden works complete  Eden works complete 3  Eden works complete 2