Commercial & Industrial – Groundwork at Water Treatment Plant

When the road leading to a waste water treatment plant operated by a leading utility organisation was found to be inadequate for their heavy commercial vehicles, C Scotland Construction were engaged to undertake the alterations.

The road was widened with reinforced concrete which created the necessary additional space for the vehicles to manoeuvre.

The works were excavated to a depth of 250mm, with all material arising from the works disposed of onsite and landscaped. The existing concrete at the proposed interface was drilled and dowelled and the formation level was covered in visqueen prior to the fixing of mesh reinforcement and placement of grade C35 AEA concrete by concrete pump.

Compaction was achieved by mechanical beam screed and the material was cured with the application of a curing agent.  Test cubes were taken to enable confirmation of a satisfactory concrete strength prior to permitting traffic to use the extended areas.


commercial-waterplant2 commercial-waterplant3 commercial-waterplant4 commercial-waterplant1