Commercial & Industrial – Gutter Work, Leyland

In October 2013 we received an enquiry from Torotrak Developments of Leyland, Lancashire to investigate the reason for the ingress of rain water into the factory unit and to offer a solution to resolve the problem.

At our survey we determined that the existing galvanised steel rainwater gutter with a length of 55m and a girth of 800mm had suffered dramatic deterioration with significant areas of galvanising loss and consequential oxidation.

It was agreed that rather than replace the existing gutter during the winter period with the attendant costs relating to the temporary removal of additional roof cladding to enable replacement of the gutter and the exposure of the unit to the elements, a cost effective solution that would offer a 10 year guarantee was to apply the waterproof coating of Acrypol 10 system.

Following receipt of an order in November, resources were deployed and all evidence of corrosion was removed from the gutter by mechanical wire brushing and grinding to present a surface of bright metal which was then immediately followed up behind with an application of primer to prevent repeating oxidation. Thereafter a base coat inclusive of a mesh geotextile embedded within was applied, followed after an appropriate curing period with an application of a top coat. All the works were undertaken an completed within a period of 1 week. During the works a visit to site was made by a representative from Acrypol to review the standard of workmanship and as a consequence a material guarantee for the period was issued by them.



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